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At our Ottawa tennis programs, beginner tennis players and seasoned tournament champions are all welcome. Learn tennis for the first time or hone your tennis strategies for advanced tournament play with the instruction and guidance of a knowledgeable and skilled tennis professional. Working with a certified professional tennis instructor is not just for elite players. Tennis classes and lessons are offered for interested players of all ages from five years and up.

With the top-notch training and instruction that you will receive from a reputable tennis coach, you are bound to take your skills to the next level and enjoy yourself while doing it. Find out more about the different learning and training opportunities available to anyone interested in becoming a better tennis player below.

Ottawa Tennis Lessons and Training Options

We offer a wide range of different formats for classes, private lessons and structured practice sessions to provide tennis for adults and kids of any age or skill level. Under the instruction and guidance of a certified professional, you will improve your skills, develop tennis fundamentals, learn more about the sport, have fun and stay fit. The available training and lesson options below offer something valuable to everyone and are sure to boost your skills while enjoying the sport.


Private Lessons

Students of any age and skill level are eligible to sign up for private lessons. We will work on your individual goals and develop a customized training and practice plan for your specific needs. You can benefit from private lessons whether you are looking for short-term or long-term improvement. Our open communication style means that players develop a meaningful relationship and receive customized training for their unique skill level and challenges. Advanced tennis players may take private lessons because they want to brush up on their technique or train intensely for an upcoming tournament. Private lessons are helpful for developing tennis strategies to bolster your playing ability. Get more out of each practice session with helpful feedback and effective strategies from a knowledgeable and helpful professional.

You do not have to be an advanced tennis player to start taking private lessons. In fact, they can help you learn the fundamentals more quickly so that you can start enjoying your playing time faster. Beginner tennis players may have never picked up a racket before and want to start by learning the tennis rules during private lessons. Private lessons are a great opportunity for kids and adults to learn about the sport and supplement their practice time.


Tennis Doubles Round Robin Matches

Tennis doubles players can enjoy structured, friendly matches through this program that focuses on tennis for adults. Keep your skill level and endurance up with tennis round robin matches. You will play three rounds with different partners and opponents in each two-hour time slot. These tennis round robin matches are a great way to introduce some variety into your practice sessions and experience playing against opponents with different playing styles. This can be a fun, challenging supplement to your regular training schedule while introducing you to new players.


Structured Hitting Sessions

If you are a more experienced player, you can take advantage of structured training sessions involving point play or rally based training for players who have a National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) rating of 5.0. Rally based training is an effective way to maintain and improve your playing skills while simulating a match experience. Our structured hitting sessions ensure that you are matched with players of comparable skill levels so that you can focus on playing your best tennis and improving your game.


Team Tennis

Enroll your kids in our tennis for kids program to help them develop a love of the sport from a young age. Our team tennis league is a minor league offered to kids from ages five to 15 years old. We instruct all skill levels in our tennis for kids program. There is no need to have any prior experience in the sport because kids in this program can learn tennis from the ground up or keep advancing and perfecting their skills. New players will learn the tennis rules as well as the fundamentals so that they gain confidence in their abilities. We focus on proper technique while still challenging each player to reach their full potential on the court.

Kids are able to put the skills they learn from tennis classes into practice through fun and friendly tournament play under the supervision and instruction of an experienced tennis coach. We want all of our program participants to enjoy their playing time and embrace personal challenges. That is why we are sure to provide valuable match opportunities for players of comparable skill levels. Above all, players learn the importance of good sportsmanship and experience the fun and challenges of playing tennis in a healthy competition environment.

Contact Us to Sign Up for Ottawa Tennis Instruction or Training Opportunities

We are passionate about all of the benefits that tennis has to offer anyone interested in the sport and are excited to share our love of the game and excellent coaching skills with you. Our goal is to make tennis fun, accessible, challenging and rewarding for all of our players so that they gain or maintain a lifelong appreciation for the sport. We meet each player at his or her individual skill level to do so and encourage their personal development in the sport. Come find out for yourself just how much you can improve your skills and level of play by participating in one of our many program offerings.

We are happy to answer any questions that you might have about our programs and how you or your child can start working on your skills and having fun in one of our lessons, classes or other programs. Learn more about the different programs and lesson offerings available from our top-quality tennis professional by contacting us today.


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